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Simplify the management of digital identities with Xperience Access Management

Everything under control

Everything under control

Xperience IT Access Management supports and automates processes related to the creation, registration, and management of user identities and their permissions and authorizations.

Improve efficiency in managing access requests, thanks to Xperience. Standardize workflows and involve all necessary actors for a simple and measurable experience. Define group structures in a few steps and define all user permissions and privileges involved at various levels.

Use Identity Management to automatically notify status changes. Define simple processes that allow you to follow flows of termination, retirement, role changes, etc., subsequently activating triggers and assigning specific actions.

With the Identity Management process, it is possible to monitor access to ensure that it is used appropriately and that there is no abuse that could put the security of company data at risk. The Identity Management process also takes care of revoking or reducing access or privileges.

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