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Xperience is the simple and intuitive system for maintenance management. Collect all your asset, customer, and team information in one shared work environment. Track interventions and monitor performance for a global and integrated vision, with all stakeholders involved.

A state-of-the-art approach

A state-of-the-art approach

The power of a BPM software for maintenance process design, easy to use and customizable without limits.

Thanks to guided and automated procedures, you can create, assign, and manage instructions in real-time. Keep track of activities and report on those already closed. Open work orders in just a few minutes, assign them to staff, add notes, location, documents, materials, and anything else technicians and suppliers might need. Reduce the lead time between maintenance and setting up instructions, by unifying current systems and orchestrating all processes.
Open intervention requests in just a few clicks, thanks to pre-configured and automated flows. Design and customize your intervention request form to make them simple, even for non-experts. Simplify maintenance ticket attribution procedures, manage analysis, classification, and acceptance. Integrate and effectively involve staff, customers, and suppliers through fully customizable workflows.
Easily monitor installations and assets throughout their life cycle from a single dashboard. Thanks to Xperience Maintenance, you can get to know the installations, structures, and resources involved better. Customize custom fields to track your assets, build or modify a complete technical registry. Add maintenance cards and manage every aspect of assets and installations.
Efficiently and simply manage spare parts and materials in the warehouse. Speed up times and reduce costs by taking full control of inventory, organizing the spare parts warehouse, and obtaining the materials you need, when you need them. Stay updated in real-time on stocks, optimizing activities and increasing user and customer satisfaction.
Plan maintenance in a few steps and meet deadlines. Organize maintenance interventions with needed to complete the intervention. Create workflows to automatically assign interventions to internal or external staff, easily meeting deadlines.
Create reports and monitor the principal maintenance KPIs: track intervention times and costs, monitor the main maintenance metrics, analyze breakdown causes, manage backlogs, and identify the operations that are taking longer than expected. Simplify maintenance management, track work orders, automate processes, and record work times and costs. Use the integrated business intelligence engine with Xperience to conduct detailed analyses and extract valuable insights and details.
Manage and monitor suppliers in real-time. Involve them in maintenance processes in the simplest way: by assigning and monitoring activities, recording times, reporting costs, requesting quotes, and managing documentation in a few steps.
Integrate Xperience with your company’s systems and software, enhancing the choices and investments you have made so far. Integrations between Xperience and the rest of the company’s systems allow you to connect, collect, and share maintenance data to simplify processes, speed up operations, and achieve unprecedented results.
Manage asset and installation documentation in just a few clicks. With Xperience, you can archive any type of document related to resources, installations, customers, suppliers, and much more. Always stay up-to-date and reduce processing times and costs by abandoning paper.
Evolve and accelerate your business by reaching your field collaborators. Assign tasks, record intervention times, attach checklists and lists of necessary materials to work orders. Forget phone calls, messages, and emails– communicate with technicians and suppliers in real-time and effortlessly track work progress.
Make the maintenance workflow automatic. Automate your maintenance operation flows with Xperience. Cut response times and increase efficiency by automatically managing your operations, reducing errors and costs. Automate all communication and notifications from the insertion to the closure of a work order.
Take advantage of augmented reality experience for 4-handed interventions in any situation. Xperience combines service management software features with augmented reality to provide remote customer support. More timely and efficient, with a definite cut in costs.

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