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Xperience Facility Management enables you to manage processes related to the support and maintenance of buildings, along with their related systems and services, helping service providers create operational efficiency and increase the value for customers. It accelerates business innovation through radical process automation and seamless system integration and analysis.

Efficiency and quality– the uttermost important words.

Efficiency and quality– the uttermost important words.

They ensure efficiency to the places where people work, live, play, and learn, creating a positive impact on the lives of users, operators, and customers.

Xperience Facility Management allows you to manage requests for malfunction/failure interventions, installation of new devices requests, and scheduled maintenance. It plans recurring activities, automatically generates requests for the execution of these activities, and sends notifications for the intervention execution.

The software helps companies manage and optimize all processes related to property maintenance management. With Xperience, you can report requests for intervention promptly, identify areas for improvement, and monitor the service level of maintenance companies. Additionally, you can easily track and account for all activities performed, always having everything at your fingertips when needed.
Xperience Facility Management allows to assign interventions to external companies and measuring intervention times (SLAs) to keep actual application of agreed service contracts for maintenance under control.

Interventions can be managed through the Operator Portal or via Mail2Ticket: the assigned maintainer receives a notification via email and, through buttons present in the message, can take actions on the ticket (e.g., start activity, suspend activity, end activity).

Provide a Single Point of Contact by promoting adaptation to change and improving process effectiveness.

With Xperience Facility Management, you have a single access point for Operators, Users, and Managers.

Thanks to the Customer Portal, it’s possible to provide a single access point to users for reporting intervention requests and consulting the status of a report.

Xperience Facility Management simplifies document management: contracts, invoices, technical diagrams, contact information, credentials, leases, Maintenance Activity Records, Risk Assessment, etc. document management also includes versioning and deadline management and their document archiving.

Set automatic rules for assigning and reminding of reports. Automate flows and processes for a better experience. Reduce time and cost by standardizing and automating your workflows.

Evolve and accelerate your business by reaching your collaborators in the field. Assign tasks, record intervention times, attach checklists and lists of necessary materials to the work order. Forget phone calls, messages, and emails, communicate with technicians and suppliers in real-time and effortlessly follow the progress of the work.

Easily monitor systems, assets, buildings, stores, and equipment from a single dashboard throughout their life cycle. Thanks to Xperience, you can better understand the systems, structures, and resources involved. Customize custom fields to properly track your assets, build or modify a complete technical registry. Add maintenance cards and manage every aspect of assets and systems.

Integrate Xperience with your business systems and software, enhancing the choices and investments made so far. Integrations between Xperience and the rest of the business systems allow you to connect, collect, and share maintenance data to simplify processes, speed up operations, and achieve unprecedented results.

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