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Xperience ITSM is an application platform allowing you to control the processes involved in managing and supporting IT services throughout their entire lifecycle.

The solution that automates IT processes.

The solution that automates
IT processes.

Deliver modern and resilient services, aligned to your customer-centric priorities.

Incident management aims to minimize malfunctions by making restoration operations as fast as possible according to agreed service levels. Xperience’s Incident management ensures that incidents are classified by priority and severity, and escalated to the most appropriate support structures.

Prevention of the repetition of incidents and malfunctions in order to reduce the negative impacts on business caused by interruptions of infrastructure services.

The efficient management of a service depends on its ability to make fast and accurate changes to its infrastructure, including new installations, hardware and software updates, configuration changes, and user data transfers. Change Management ensures the use of standardized methods and procedures.
Configuration Management is at the core of effective IT service management. The data quality in the Configuration Management Database (Asset Management Database) affects the management efficiency in the entire service operations. All processes and services use and interact with Configuration Management.
SLAs are an immediate way to improve services, provide notifications of inefficiencies, and ensure the integration of agreements with arising incidents and problems in a random system. Xperience’s Service Level Management allow to create and manage formalized commitments for IT service as outlined by the ITIL methodology.
Release Management aims to consider changes to IT services in all their technical and non-technical aspects. Xperience provides a chain approach for controlling and managing services, through the operations integration for incidents, problems, changes, configuration, service level, and Release Management into a single application.
The optimization of the asset lifecycle management and its resulting efficiency in service delivery, thanks to visibility and control over the entire portfolio of available resources.
Ease of use and simplicity for users able of taking advantage of an intuitive portal to request services, consult FAQs, news or interact in real time.

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