All the workforce you need in the office, or remotely

With Xperience HR & Remote Working, you can digitize the management of your company’s human resources! Save time and increase efficiency by designing and implementing all the processes you need, from employee management to recruiting, training, performance management, attendance tracking, and vacation planning.

Save time. Work more efficiently.

Save time. Work more efficiently.

Freely set up all the HR workflows useful to your work, each with its own content, permissions, approval workflows, and reporting options. Add value to resources that represent the heart of your company by implementing a simple, efficient, and transparent way of working.

The real power of automation comes from the number of resources it unlocks. The less time and energy your resources devote to repetitive tasks, the more you have available for creativity and innovation, generating value.

View all aspects of compensation accurately with records, in any currency you need – whether base pay, incentives, bonuses, or benefits.

In a BPM framework, all data sources, tools, and communications are integrated and centralized, allowing for the creation of a single source, eliminating confusion due to missing or conflicting information.

Keep track of company resources assigned to employees– from laptops and cell phones to company cars. Ensure all information is adequately recorded.
Interviews from the first contact with candidates to the final proposal. Coordinate the resources involved thanks to a shared calendar, generate reports, and track every interaction with the candidate.
Provide new hires all necessary information to and create automated processes that assign tasks to all departments involved to improve employer branding.
Easily manage productivity, and monitor the effectiveness and performance of remote workers’.
Share company documents and circulars with all employees, monitor and track the correct viewing in real-time. Record employee documents and employment contracts and set alerts and reminders to notify of their expiration dates.
Encourage information exchange and communication, share resources in a unique, shared, and highly intuitive environment.

Record skills and qualifications, create development plans, monitor training activities and results, and support staff growth more efficiently.

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