The path towards compliance and data management

The major change introduced by GDPR is to strongly emphasize the “responsibility” (accountability) of data controllers and processors.

Compliance, but with digitalized processes

Compliance, but with digitalized processes

Xperience GDPR Edition is the solution that allows you to govern all processes, procedures, roles, documentation and manage all the requirements needed to comply with GDPR daily.

The analysis of data processing allows you to have a mapping of the personal data processing carried out by the company. Xperience simplifies the execution of this analysis, which is the basis of all the activities necessary for compliance with GDPR. The tool also allows you to identify treatments for different categories of data, manage any transfers of data to third countries outside the European Union, and define the categories of data subjects.
Starting from the analysis of data processing already carried out with the support of Xperience, it is possible to move on to risk analysis to assess the risk associated with each type of data and treatment. The use of Xperience makes it easier and more efficient to manage this activity, which is essential for the implementation of measures aimed at ensuring data security and protection.
Xperience GDPR Edition automates the generation and management of documents: information notices, consent requests, appointments and revocations of Responsible and Authorized Persons (System Administrators, Credential Custodians, etc.), contact information, Records of Processing Activities, Risk Assessments. Document management also includes versioning and deadline management, as well as document storage.
Xperience GDPR Edition tracks the definition of processes for appointing Data Controllers, Data Protection Officers (DPOs). Starting from the defined roles, it generates and manages appointment and revocation letters for all parties involved in privacy management and data processing.
GDPR is, first and foremost, an opportunity for companies to review and optimize all processes related to data processing, eliminating redundancies and reducing risks. Xperience GDPR Edition allows you to automate and track all processes related to GDPR, keeping the organizational model always updated and appropriate.
Xperience GDPR Edition automates the management of data breaches, contributing to the restoration of the IT infrastructure’s security state as quickly as possible. The software automates and tracks actions starting from the registration of the data breach, notification to the European Privacy Guarantor, until its closure, including monitoring and communication.

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